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Photoshoot!! Showcasing the ALL NEW NSX: ACURA X GENIUS

NYC Photo Party designed the perfect photo set in Brooklyn NYC to showcase the partnership of Acura and Genius for the announcement of the ALL NEW NSX, “Acura X Genius: Precision Crafted Performances”.   NYC Photo Party designed and produced a custom 24′ wide X 10′ high professional backdrop!  We paired their custom backdrop with our photo booth using our propriety technology to create a premium, classy and edgy photo shoot!  Shoutout and big thanks to Acura and Genius for trusting us to product this super fun photo shoot!!!

**NEW** Multi-Angle Video Cam Booth with Slow-Mo, Slice & Glitch Effects!

NYC Photo Party worked closely with YouTube to design and deliver the ALL NEW Multi-Angle Video Cam Booth with Slo-Mo, Splice & Glitch effects!!  We debuted our new fresh product this past weekend in Los Angelos, CA at the YouTube Steamy Awards. With our NEW Multi-Angle Booth, we delivered Studio Production Style with INSTANTLY Edited & Shareable Videos for all of the Steamy Nominees! Looking to step-up your brand marketing in the New York City Metro Area… give us a call and our team will walk you through our Products & Services and customize a brand activation that will WOW your audience!  

Looking for a Fun Experiential Marketing Idea?? Check Out Our “VOGUE” Booth!


Inspired by the famous Met Gala celebrity booth… Our custom built “Vogue” booth truly takes the photo booth experience to the NEXT LEVEL!  Our Vogue booths utilize our proprietary “TOUCH MOTION” Video Technology, which provides a fully touch interactive, multi-device accessible, instantly shareable video! Our Vogue Booth is fun for any Corporate or Social event! 

Showcasing your brand with our Vogue booth, like our Client shown in the GIF sample above, is a GREAT and INNOVATIVE way to market your brand.  Our clients love drawing in a crowd utilizing our Vogue booths for their activations at festivals, expos, grand openings, red carpet events and other promotional events.

We can custom wrap our Vogue booth with your branding using professional-grade material, just like when you’d have a vehicle wrapped.  We can also customize the backdrop inside the booth and/or add an overlay to further emphasize your brand.  All of the still photo prints can be branded with whatever message you want to communicate.  With these powerful printouts and the ability for your guests to INSTANTLY share on their social channels… your brand is integrated into their personalized photos and will reach a broader audience with our social kiosks!

So if you’re looking for a fun experiential marketing idea or just a crowd pleaser, in the New York City (NYC) Metro area, let us provide you with a custom branded Vogue booth.  So step up your Experiential Marketing, create a thrill for your guests and have them step inside this mesmerizing enclosure and feel as though they are being warped into another dimension!

Rain or Shine…Bring the BEACH DAY to Your Next Party with Our “Aerial Cam” Video Booth!!

Introducing the All-New Overhead Camera Video Booth!  Our New “Aerial Cam” Video Booth, featuring our proprietary “TOUCH MOTION” video technology, will definitely WOW your guests!!

This unique birds-eye view camera rig can be customized using any type of ground prop to provide a truly unique video booth experience!

Our “Aerial Cam” video booth brings the fun factor back into the stale old photo booth! Mounted on a truss, the aerial booth is super flexible and can be activated at a range of different events to offer your guests or NYC event attendees something a little different.

Utilizing our proprietary “Touch Motion” video technology, very photo/video can INSTANTLY shared on a number of social media channels and can also be sent to guests via an SMS link or email.  We can even print still photos for your guests INSTANTLY  for a branded take home.

And it’s not just for a beach day either!  We’ve created aerial photo booths over ball pits, branded floor decals, snow (a.k.a. foam), beds, etc…. With all the great instant sharing and delivery that you love, the aerial photo booth is the perfect way to create an unforgettable guest experience and deliver content that begs to be shared.

GO LIMITLESS with Our Advanced Green-Screen Technology!!

Using our advanced Green-Screen technology, NYC Photo Party can transport you and your guests into limitless virtual locations. Videos can be automatically merged with pre-recorded footage or branding to offer powerful marketing opportunities and unique souvenirs.

Our design team will work with you on preparing your green-screen video options, create a custom overlay showcasing your brand, hashtag, or event details and our advanced Technicians will set up a green-screen studio at your event.  Your New York City  event guests are then invited to step behind the camera & make a short video clip of a predetermined video experience. We give your guests props, signs & encouragement for their video premier.  Their digital video is then delivered INSTANTLY  to your guests for them to save & share.  We have a number of social media options & delivery systems based on your event type.  Videos can be shared on any platform including but not limited to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Vimeo, YouTube, Email & MMS.

OPEN Up Your Event with our “Open-Air” Photo Booth!!

Offering The latest and greatest in Photo Booths for all of your Corporate, Wedding and Social event needs!  Our “Open-Air” Booths provide studio quality photos INSTANTLY on-site with social sharing & photo printing capabilities. “Beautifying” photo Effects make Everyone look amazing & produce super sharp photos that truly POP! Our Photo Booth options trump the average two-person arcade style booth. With our “Open-Air” style booth, you won’t feel cramped and end up with a photo full of 1/2 faces! Instead, you can have all of your friends jump-in and join the fun!  Pair our booths up with some of our other state-of-the-art services such as Slow-Mo Video, Splicing, Boomerang GIF, Green Screen, Custom Step & Repeat, etc… to really WOW your guests and give the best experience at your next New York City (NYC) event!

Photo Shoot!!! Your Brand, Your Way… Our Photographer!

“Your Vibe Attracts Your Tribe”.  Did you know that professional brand photos not only elevate your brand, they elevate your confidence!  NYC Photo Party wants to give your clients the reason to make a split second decision to VIBE with YOU!  Having a brand photo shoot is one of the best investments you can make in your business. Our Professional Photographers will ensure you not only get shots your brand looks fabulous in, but that you’re super happy and proud to showcase your products/services off!  They will work hand-in-hand with you to ensure you have shots that are an authentic reflection of you, your brand and how you want to show up in the world!  Feel free to use our studio or our photographers will bring the studio to you!

Throw a BOOMERANG Into Your Holiday Party Festivities! Check Out Our Boomerang-Video-GIF!!


Shake up your holiday party and capture awesome moments that your guests will love and spread the love by instantly sharing on their social media. Boomerang GIFs are created by taking a quick burst of photos to create an animation that moves forward and backward, creating a fun digital media for instant social sharing.  Our Boomerang photo booth is beautifully lit and perfect for capturing a stop motion Boomerang to instantly upload to your Instagram followers. You can also spice up your event branding by working with our in-house design team on creating a sleek step & repeat so your brand will be captured at every angle! We will also customize your content by adding an overlay to display your company’s logo, your NYC event details or anything else you fancy!


Introducing our All NEW “Fire & Ice”, Tri-Fold Backdrop!!


Ice and Spice up your holiday party or next New York City (NYC) event with our all NEW “Fire & Ice” tri-fold backdrop!! 

This holiday you can Deck the Halls with glitz and glam with our custom “Fire & Ice” backdrop!   Instead of a simple background for pictures, try unique, eye catching backdrop/decor.  Pair it up with our traditional premium photo booth with printer & social media kiosks for still prints in seconds and share instantly!!  OR… add some additional flare with our other crowd pleaser options, such as our Slow-Mo Video or Boomerang GIF options!!  With our propriety “Touch Motion” video technology, opportunities are endless!

Bring Spring Into Your Event Even Though Its Snowing!! Check Out Our Custom Grass Walls!!

Are you dreaming about Instagram-worthy photos in front of a vertical garden?  There’s no need to grow one from scratch – our design team can create your CUSTOM Grass & Flower Walls  in time for you to WOW your guests at your next New York City (NYC ) event!!  Made from artificial grass, our faux grass backdrop mimics the appearance of real foliage.  We can add your logo for epic branding footage or add your event name & date for memorable takeaways!  You can pair your Grass Wall with any of our service offerings and your guests can INSTANTLY share with our social media kiosks, plus receive still prints in seconds!