“Video Confessional Booth” Instantly Shareable “Branded” Video Moments

Check out our new video booth that is inspired by the video confessional format perfected on reality television!  Our fully enclosed “Semi-Soundproof” Video Confessional Booth is perfect for capturing personal thoughts, messages or marketing content on-site at any New York City (NYC) or Nationwide event!  

Once the fun begins, guests will leave loving, hilarious and memorable speeches. Don’t be surprised if you see a little something extra too, we’ve seen guests sing, dance, perform scenes from movies, theatre productions…you name it! We’ve even seen married couples leave surprise messages/vows to each other!  Utilizing professional cameras, microphones & video capture software, our super sleek confessional booth allows event guests to INSTANTLY share their branded confessionals on social media, and also provides brands with valuable video content!

So why not step up your event marketing takeaways and capture your guest’s memorable words, thoughts and testimonials.  Or add a fun surprise at your wedding or next social event and have a collection of best wishes from your friends and family that will last a lifetime! The videos can be customized by using faster cuts or slow motion, plus they can be branded with a watermark or an animated title of your brand or event name/date!

Put a SPIN on Your HOLIDAY Party with Our “Cyclone 360°”

Introducing the all- new”Cyclone 360°”, the WORLD’s 1st Turntable 360 Video Booth!  Our proprietary turntable & “Touch Motion” video technology provides a fully touch interactive, multi-device accessible, instantly sharable 360° video!

So why not put a spin (literally) on your next New York City (NYC) holiday party or event and provide a truly unique experience for your guests, with an incredible branding take away!

WOW Your Guests at Your HOLIDAY Party with Our “Aerial Cam” Video Booth!!

Introducing the all-new overhead “Aerial Cam” video booth featuring “TOUCH MOTION” video technology. 

Glamour calls it a “seriously awesome new twist on photo booths.  Martha Stuart says “its pretty much the cutest photo booth ever.”

Our proprietary “Touch Motion” technology allows you and your guests snap photos from a unique top-down vantage point.

The set-up is a take on our original open-air photo booth, but with a twist as our  camera is mounted on high.  Not only do you and your guests instantly receive a touch interactive, multi-device accessible sharable video, you can also instantly receive still prints (plus the option to post your images to Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter with our social media kiosk).  

So why not switch it up at your next New York City (NYC) event and provide a truly unique video booth experience that will WOW your guests!

Let it SNOW!! But Also Stay Warm with Our “Make Me Move” HD Video Booth


Introducing the World’s First Truly Interactive Video! 

Our proprietary “Touch Motion” video technology provides a fully touch interactive, multi-device accessible, instantly shareable video!

NYC Photo Party’s video booths allow for the spontaneous creation of natural, emotional, and compelling HD video content – including testimonials, slow motion, movie photo booths, confessionals, auditions, customer or employee feedback, and personal opinion or narrative videos. Videos are available, in real time, and are suitable for on-line, off-line, and broadcast applications. Preserve the positive atmosphere at your next event by allowing your guests to INSTANTLY upload their GIF on their social media channels and also get a still photo printout at our printing kiosk!!  Leave your guests with memorable experiences at your next New York City event (also available nationwide), with the industry’s leading video photo booth. Video photo booths are perfect for any event, including: 

  • Social Events
  • Team Buildings
  • Conventions
  • Tradeshows
  • Corporate Events
  • Charity Events
  • Parties
  • Weddings
  • And more

Capture the Experience with our Talented Photographers!!


Don’t want to restrict your photo booth to one area of your party? No worries… Our roaming photo booths are the perfect solution! Our professional photographers will roam & interact with your guests and will not only capture amazing event photos, but will capture the experience!!

From team building events to birthdays and holiday parties to product launches and conferences, we’ve got you covered for anything happening in your busy life.  We also build experiential photo-marketing technology used by household brands and innovative startups across the country. NYC Photo Party is committed to creating memorable, safe, and repeatable experiences in the Metro New York City (NYC) area, as well as across the country, for our clients through a state of the art platform. We do this by implementing practices that address our client’s main concerns.

Your guests can also print & share their photos on-site at our self contained kiosk!   

Introducing our All New Video Booth Splicing, Glitch & Slow Mo Effect!!!


Elevate your existing photo booth experience with our proprietary “Touch Motion” video booth technology!  You can make any photo, GIF, and video pop with our retro VHS distortion, aka the GLITCH effect!  Your guests can instantly upload to their social media channels and also print out a still photo!  Add in custom event branding, backdrop, overlay, green-screen, etc… and you will for sure  WOW your guests with a truly revolutionary video booth experience they will never forget!  

So check us out for your next New York City (NYC) event and let us introduce you to our infamous Video Booth with Splicing, Glitch and Slo Mo Effect!

Walk the Red Carpet & Showcase Your Brand with Our Step & Repeat Productions



We offer custom Step & Repeats, event backdrops and red carpet productions through out New York City and the Tri-State Area.  (And also ship nationwide)

Whether your hosting a small private function or large-scale promotional event or premiere, our highly skilled production team will design, produce, deliver and set up your Step & Repeat and Backdrop with care and efficiency! 

Step & Repeats are of the most impactful advertising tools for any brand/business to promote at a bigger level. The fact that step and repeat backdrops use logos multiple times makes your branding visible to everyone regardless of where the guests are standing in front of it. This feature alone makes these displays a great promotional tool for everyone. So, no matter if you are planning to participate in a trade show, fundraiser, charity event or a grand opening in New York City (NYC) – get ready to create a dynamic visual effect like never before with one of custom fabric step and repeat banners!  Couple your branded backdrop with red carpet and velvet rope stanchions, and your guests will feel like front cover celebrities!

Event Branding: Bring Your Brand to LIFE!

Make your brand STAND OUT with our custom made 10 feet tall by 5 feet wide BRANDED STAGE PANELS and BRANDED LECTERN!!  With a giant surface to show off your logo at your next New York City (NYC) event, you’re bound to draw attention to your brand.  Not only can our signage be used to simply expose your brand, but it has a big enough surface area that allows for custom messaging and creative design. Whatever PR message you want to get across or what idea you have for your creative event signage, we can bring it to life!!  

Contact us for all of your event branding & signage needs!

Photo Credit:  Surline Event Group 

NEW “Projector” Video Booth Featuring “TOUCH MOTION” Video Technology


Introducing our all NEW Projector Video Booths!  Using a secret combination of front OR rear projection, lighting & video processing technics, we created a super artistic video booth experience that captures “Distinct” projected visuals.

Utilizing our proprietary  “Touch Motion” video technology, guests instantly receive a fully touch interactive, multi-device accessible, instantly sharable video!  Our projector booth will bring your brand campaign to life in the most striking and innovative way to date. Turn your photos, GIFs, or videos into a performance art installation with our proprietary projector feature built-in.

Check out our Projector Booth for your next NYC event and let it unleash its ability to create unique and immersive experiences for your guests that will generate priceless content in an ever changing digital world!

Green Screen & Animated GIF…. Whattttt!!!!


Rock out wit your GIFs out!!!  You may not want to physically be in the Rocky Mountains, but your GIFs can!!  Check out our animated GIF booth!!  It  is simple and so much fun!  Pose for a series of photos and watch your GIF come to life!  With our animated overlays & photo effects, instant photo print outs & GIF sharing to social media, your event guests will have a blast!  So hit us up for more details for your next NYC or Metropolitan Area event!