“Exit Reality” VIRTUAL REALITY Booths


Our  VR CUBE  –  VR WING  &  VR TRUCK  booths deliver flexible turnkey VR for brands, events and retail!  Our VR hosts will guide your guests through an unforgettable experience, engaging them in the latest & greatest, state-of-art VR technology!  Our VR Booths offer multiple gaming options, custom branded content integration, and more!  Add a custom overlay with your logo or signage to showcase your NYC event and  add to your guests memorabilia. Give us a shout to  discuss your next corporate, retail, wedding, gala, or other social event!!

Flower Power… “Spin Me 360°” Turntable Booth Featuring “TOUCH MOTION” Video Technology


Introducing the World’s First Turntable 360 Video Booth!  Our Proprietary Turntable & “Touch Motion” Video Technology Provides A Fully Touch Interactive, Multi-Device Accessible, Instantly Sharable 360° Video!

Pair our “Spin Me 360°”  technology with one of our custom Flower Walls and your guests will be BLOOMING with excitement!  Flower walls are the perfect backdrop for any NYC party or event, step and repeat, photo booth & more!  Add in your logo or signage to make your flower wall custom and/or work with our design team on a custom overlay.

Box & Repeat… The Step & Repeat Re-invented!



Our super sleek, compact & customizable “Box & Repeats” provide a unique promotional photo-op for the smart-phone photographer in all of us! This creative enclosure design that can feature your logo, hashtag, date, etc…, allows your NYC event guests to capture a branded photo using their own smart-phone camera. The best part is, your guests can then edit their photo using their favorite instagram filters to create a ridiculously fun photo experience to share on social media!

Utilize as a stand alone service OR pair with any of our other booth options to provide a truly captivating event activity!  Available for One-Off Events OR Permanent Installations.

“360° Fly Around” OverHead Camera Booth Featuring “TOUCH MOTION” Video Technology


Introducing the World’s 1st Revolving OverHead 360 Video Booth!  Our proprietary Elevated Robotic Camera System & “Touch Motion” video technology provides A fully touch interactive, multi-device accessible, instantly sharable 360° Video!  With our proprietary model, after your guest’s video is captured, our proprietary software can add slow-motion, hard cuts, color corrections, music, static or animated video overlays, and more, to further customize your content for your brand. In less than a minute, your guest’s video is fully rendered, edited, and populated into our kiosk sharing stations.  Our 360° Fly Around is a cost-friendly infrastructure provides branding opportunities during every frame of your guest’s 360 experience.  You can also add a custom overlay (included)  featuring your logo, hashtag, date, etc… for your next NYC event. 

Update for the New Year!! Check Out Our Mobile “Head-Shot Studio”

Our mobile “Head-Shot Studio” offers professional headshots on-site at your office, conference, meeting, team building or next NYC event. The most effective and important tool for any professional/artist is an amazing headshot. Our pop-up studio will allow you to refresh and rebrand your look for all of your website updates, casting and social media needs.  We offer your guests the ability to INSTANTLY receive their professional headshot photos for immediate digital use on LinkedIn, company websites & more!  By using a unique workflow of professional camera, lighting & backdrop equipment…  Paired with our Instant Photo Processing & Sharing software and kiosk, we are able to deliver studio quality headshot photos within seconds!  Corporate photographer, portrait photo, headshot photography, business headshots, executive portraits. Serving New York and all the boroughs (Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, Manhattan, and Staten Island) New jersey and Connecticut too as we have the transportation to get us and our mobile studio  anywhere!

New “Vogue” Video Booths Featuring “TOUCH MOTION” Video Technology

Inspired by the famous Met Gala Celebrity Booths, our custom built “Vogue” booth truly takes the photo booth experience to the NEXT LEVEL! 

Step inside these mesmerizing, light tunnel booths and STRIKE A POSE!  Music rocks while you pose and you feel as though you’re being warped into another dimension! 

Our Vogue booths utilize our proprietary “Touch Motion” video technology, which provides a fully touch interactive, multi-device accessible animated GIFs and Boomerangs that can be instantly shared via social media. Your guests can also text or email the images/GIFs directly to their phones to expand their ability to share. It is a great way to generate buzz and hype both during and after your event. Do something that everyone will remember at your next NYC event and and enjoy for years to come!

“Virtual Catwalk” Video Booth Featuring “TOUCH MOTION” Video Technology




Ever dreamed of being a fashion model and walking down the runway…

Well now you can!  Just step onto our Low-Profile Virtual Catwalk Treadmill, show off your stride and strut your stuff just like the stars!  Whether it’s a Sweet 16, Social Event, or Product Launch in NYC, your guests will have a blast perfecting their catwalk struts and debuting their runway swaggers.

Utilizing Our Proprietary  “Touch Motion” Video Technology, Guests Instantly receive A Fully Touch Interactive, multi-Device accessible, instantly sharable video!  

Don’t Rush Something You Want to Last FOREVER!


Take your time!  Take it slow!  No rush!  No fuss!  

Check out the video above from the Red Cross Gala and see our Slow Mo Video Booth with Custom Video Splicing in action!!  Our Slow Mo provides a crazy unique level of entertainment!  Guests can view themselves getting wild in front of our Video Capture System with a built-in “Live View” feature!

Videos are INSTANTLY processed in   S l o w   M o t i o n   with custom overlays for immediate sharing to social media!  The Slow Mo Booth is the perfect way to add a crazy, energetic activity to weddings, rehearsal dinners, Mitzvahs, corporate parties, marketing events, brand activations or to any other NYC event you are hosting!

Hash it Out with Our Hashtag Photo Printing!!


Hashtag Printing is the perfect way to get your event guests engaged with your brand on social media and grow your presence on Twitter and Instagram!

This event craze allows each guest to print their own social media photos that are posted with your events unique hashtag!  It’s the easiest way to promote and spread the word about your company, marketing campaign, product launch or fundraiser!

We custom design all prints so users can also walk away with a keepsake that includes your marketing message!  Not only does it provide amazing entertainment value for your next NYC event, but it drives social interaction and recognition to your event or brand! Kick it up a notch and add a custom step & repeat, backdrop or green screen!

“Aerial Cam” Video Booth Featuring “TOUCH MOTION” Video Technology


Introducing the All-New Overhead Camera Video Booth! 

This unique birds-eye view camera rig can be customized using any type of ground level prop (such as a blow-up bed, bench, table, sleigh, etc…) to provide a truly unique Video Booth Experience for your next brand launch, company party, wedding or social event!

Change up your angle and add this unique incentive to your next NYC event!  Our proprietary “Touch Motion” video technology is the only photo booth that lets you and your guests snap photos from a unique top-down vantage point and your guests will instantly receive a fully touch interactive, multi-device accessible, instant sharable video! 

As if it couldn’t get any better… you can still instantly print out a still shot, plus the option to post your images to Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter with our social media kiosk.