Open Air Photo Booth

Check Out Our ALL NEW Gimble-Cam Video Booth!!!



Thanks so much to our fabulous clients at AdTheoRent for allowing us to to partake in and shoot their awesome NYC event!!  We stepped our game up to present this rad crew with our ALL-NEW Gimbal-Cam Video Booth.  This state-of-the-art features CUSTOM Video Splice, Slow Mo and our Animated Snow Overlay – for an enchanting visual effect.  With our propriety technology you can spice up your next Corporate Event or any NYC Event with custom branding, step & repeat, green screen options and more!  Plus, with our social media kiosk your guests can INSTANTLY email and/or upload their GIFs or MP4 videos to their favorite social media channel! Give us a call today and see how we can help enhance your next brand activation! 

It Ain’t A Party Without Jenga, Friends & The Boomerang Effect!!


Thank you Spotify for allowing NYC Photo Party to join in on the fun! Pairing this gang with an awesome set, some Jenga, plus spicing it up with our Boomerang GIFs made sharing these memories super fun!  Our Boomerang GIFs are created by taking a quick burst of photos to create an animation that moves forward and backward, creating a fun digital media for INSTANT social sharing on social kiosks.  Give us a call today and let us help customize your next New York City or Metro Area event and create memorable experiences for you and your guests!

Come FLY With Me… 360°

Come Fly With Me and check out our NEW “360° Fly Around” OverHead Camera Booth, featuring our “TOUCH MOTION” Video Technology. NYC Photo Party has brought to you the World’s First Revolving OverHead 360 Video Booth!  Our proprietary Elevated Robotic Camera System & “Touch Motion” Video Technology provides a fully touch interactive, multi-device accessible, instantly sharable 360° video!  This new state-of-the-art technology is an exciting new way to engage audiences at events and gatherings, and get them buzzing about your brand and/or event! If you are looking to step it up a notch and looking for  a real “game changer”, then this 360° slow motion video booth will not disappoint. Give us a call for your next NYC / NJ event and we walk you through all of our custom branding options!

Introducing the NEW “Diamond” Vogue Booth

Nicole Richie said it best, “True friends are like diamonds – bright, beautiful, valuable, and always in style.” 
So then we thought… what happens when you mix true friends and a photo shoot?? Then behold, the all-new “DIAMOND” VOGUE BOOTH emerged!!  
If you want to put some bling into your next NYC event the “Diamond” Vogue Booth will NOT disappoint! Pair this with our cutting edge motion video capture system, professional LED studio lighting system, custom branded video overlay and INSTANT video sharing with our social media kiosk – and you will for sure WOW your guests! So give us a call today and find out how we can customize your experience!

Reebok Brings Retro to the VOGUE Booth!

NYC Photo Party worked with Reebok to help bring the “unexpected” with a CUSTOM built illuminated Red, White & Blue VOGUE BOOTH. This amazing photo booth experience was created in celebration of Reebok’s new Allen Iverson-inspired “Question Mid Double Cross” silhouette, “Crossover U” series! Our Vogue Video Booth took the celebration to the next level with its mesmerizing enclosure that allows guests to feel as though they are being warped into another dimension! Our Vogue Booths utilize our proprietary “Touch Motion” Video Technology, which provides a fully interactive, multi-device accessible, instantly shareable video!

Want to give your guests a truly amazing photo booth experience for your next NYC or Tri-State event… CALL US TODAY!

The BOOMERANG GIF… Simply Amazing & Fun!

With our Photo Booth proprietary technology you are sure to WOW the crowd. Our booths offer guests the options for Boomerang videos or creating animated gifs, as well as options for traditional prints, with style filters, props, and more.  The photos and videos are shared INSTANTLY  through email, Facebook, Instagram, or even Text Messages. NYC Photo Party also provides you with an online gallery containing all of the photos and videos and an optional onsite printing service.

Whether your goal is to increase brand awareness through engagement, party and capture memories, or both – our team at NYC Photo Party will help you get there. From stills to GIFs to Boomerangs, our state-of-the-art services are so unique, provide fantastic entertainment for your guests and will definitely help you to stand out amongst your competitors.

SUPER SOCIAL Crowd Pleaser… Our ROAMING iPad Ring Light Booth!

Don’t want to restrict your photo booth to one area of your party?  No worries, we have the perfect solution… Our Super Sleek iPad Ring Light Booths come with a large halo style ring light for flattering photos, GIF animations, boomerangs, new filters, digital props and more. 

This booth can fit in small spaces or we can detach it and our super awesome “Photo Ambassador” will bring the fun to your guests. Your guests will be able to INSTANTLY share via their favorite social channels, email and text with custom branding, wording and hashtags. We offer custom wraps on the booth, custom backdrops and props.  We can also spice it up with our green screen options and really make your theme pop with cool video backgrounds! Everyone loves the soft “halo” style lighting our ring light booths offer. 

Want to fully integrate your brand at your next NYC event? GIVE US A CALL TODAY!

The Holidays Are Over, BUT… The PARTY Isn’t!!

Keep the NYC parties going and keep the memories lasting with our photo souvenirs & INSTANT sharable GIFs.  Check out our Roaming Photography services for your next New Jersey / New York City event! With Roaming we offer our clients the same premium business principles as our traditional photo booth services, but this time the camera comes to you!

Our Professional Photographers will roam the event, interact, encourage and capture the best photo ops/interactions of your guests, and will provide a memorable experience for everyone involved.  With our printing and social media kiosks on-site, your guests can INSTANTLY print photos and upload their MP4 or GIFs to their favorite social channels.  Just like all of our other fabulous offerings, you can work with our in-house design team and create a custom overlay spotlighting your Logo, Event Details, Hashtags and much more!!  



What Happens when you Pair a Giant Inflatable Snow Globe with our Cutting Edge Video Booth Technology… Pure Winter Magic!
Explore this giant inflatable Snow Globe complete with holiday décor elements and a large artificial snow play area. Step inside the fun this winter with our giant Snow Globe and WOW your guests with a photo experience like no other. With our Proprietary Video Booth Technology your guests can share the experience INSTANTLY by uploading their GIFs on their social media channels and take home a still photo souvenir at our social and printing kiosks!! 

Our Giant Inflatable Snow Globe is suitable for any age and brings the magic and merriment of treasured snow globes right to your fingertips.  It truly is something different, unique and a great attention grabber!  Want to step up your Experiential Marketing with remarkable branding and promotional opportunities?!… Give us a call and explore our endless custom backdrop/signage options.

FLAWLESS!! Check Out our GLAM-CAM!

Is it Magic…?  SURE!… Or just our Proprietary Skin Softening & Edge Sharpening GLAM-Cam Photo Filter!
Call it what you will, but either way our “GLAM-Cam” Booth offers super sleek bBlack & White or Color photos that will have your event guests simply astonished and truly happy with the way they look!  INSTANT on-site photo printing AND social sharing will allow your guests to show off their fabulous photos in real time!  The classic black & white photos with a filter that smooths out your skin, leaving you with a heavenly glowing skin.  Glam up your event with this booth at your next NYC event and your clients will be showing off their photos for years!